Department of Pathology

Strategic Bridging Funds Application Form

You are advised to refer to the guidance before completing this form.

Please answer all questions.

Name of PI

Name of individual to be supported

Post of individual to be supported

Has an application for a no-cost extension to your grant been made?
Is there a possibility to move funds to support the salary on this grant?
Have you made an application to other sources for bridging funds?
Which sources?
Has a grant been awarded?
If yes, when is the start date?
If no, is a grant proposal currently under consideration
What is the decision date?
Total amount of funds from other sources (including donation accounts) which can be used to part fund the individual? %
Period for which support is requested: (up to a maximum of 6 months)
Start Date
End Date
Is the individual full time or part time
In support of this application a short CV of the person to be supported and a case for support (1 side of A4 maximum) must be sent to by the advertised deadline. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

The funding calculation will be made by the Grants Administrator based on the information provided on submission of this form. You will receive an email advising you of the calculation. If you wish to change this amount you should do this by responding to the email, indicating the exact amount of funds you wish to apply for.